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The beginning of my Presidential life

It is now 1:50AM in the morning.

And out of nowhere, I decided to start a blog. My final exams will start in less than 1 week, I have an Executive Board to elect, I have 2 more exchange opportunities to find candidates for, and here I am, decided to write a blog.

I guess it is the fear of being forgotten, or maybe I simply want to capitalise on the rich experience I’m having, or maybe I am just having some crisis that entices me to take risky self commitments I knew for sure I will not keep. But hopefully this is not one of the things I started but will not finish. As for now, we can only cross our fingers.

Nearly 2 months ago, I was surprisingly elected as the President of a Local Chapter of AIESEC, the biggest youth-run organisation in the world. Running against a visibly stronger candidate, I never would have thought to be elected. I still remember myself trying to calm down, telling myself that I am not doing this for the sake of the election, that I’m preparing for my speech because I want to send a message. I think the message stuck.

Today, I am proudly interviewing my Executive Board candidates for the second times. As I dragged myself home, weary from 5 consecutive, intense interviews, and a long list of bad news to tend to, I started to realise something. This is not some normal 19-year-old story. 19-year-olds don’t run around running organisations, nor do they fret themselves over contracts, legal partnerships, revenue, expenses and a gazillion of other business worries. I know many amazing 19-year-olds, my so-called classmates and schoolmates (my highschool was legendary). However, I still believe my story would be something interesting to share. Hopefully, I may inspire those who finds the nerdy, busy, social-justice addicts that they saw scurrying about their campus a disaster to their lifestyle (which mainly consist of peer-pressure).

I don’t tend to promise things I cannot deliver, but I hope to improve over time, and deliver better and better insight into the crazy life of an AIESEC LCP (Local Committee President).

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